Guild of Devonshire Ringers
St George
Monday, 4 March 1878 in 27m
720 Grandsire Minor
1 H Swift
2 S B Peardon
3 W H Marsh
4 C D Daniel
5 W C Marsh (C)
6 W B Fulford
On Monday, 4th March, the ringers of St. Sidwell's, Exeter, paid their respects to the venerable Rector [H T Ellacombe], and, with his kind permission, assembled in the belfry, where they rang six peals of six-score Grandsire Doubles, also one peal of 720 Grandsire Minor, in 27 mins.
They were afterwards refreshed with tea, &c., at the Rectory, and returned to Exeter by the last train.
[Church Bells, March 23, 1878, p183.]
[This is one of several annual visits to the Rev Ellacombe recorded in Church Bells and has been linked to the In Memoriam performances for the Rev H T Ellacombe.]

This performance was rung in memoriam In memoriam — Rev. Henry Thomas Ellacombe (1790 - 1885) .