Ancient Society of College Youths
St George
Tuesday, 10 August 1869 in 25m (10–2–21 in A♭)
720 Kent Treble Bob Minor
Also a six score of Stedman Doubles.
1 C Lee
2 R Haworth
3 I G Musket
4 J Dwight
5 W Cooter
6 M Hayes
(From tablets in the Belfry, as reported in Church Bells, May 19, 1877, p291.)
Be it remembered, that on Monday Afternoon, the 10th of August, 1869, the members of the Ancient Society of College Youths, established 1637, who came from London to ring the noble Bells of the Exeter Cathedral, paid their respects to the Rector [H T Ellacombe] of this Parish, and gratified him and the Villagers by ringing the following peals: —
720 Oxford Treble Bob Minor [see separate entry],
this 720 of Kent Treble Bob Minor,
and a six score of Stedman's Doubles.
These Peals of Treble Bob were struck in a most even masterly style in twenty-five minutes.
Tenor, 13 cwt. G sharp.
Kent and Stedman conducted by C Lee and W Cooter.
H T Ellacombe, M.A., Rector
John Hellier & John Page, Churchwardens.
[These performance have been linked to the In Memoriam performances for Rev H T Ellacombe.]

This performance was rung in memoriam In memoriam — Rev. Henry Thomas Ellacombe (1790 - 1885) .