St George
Monday, 24 November 1862 (10–2–21 in A♭)
720 Kent Treble Bob Minor
Plus other touches of Kent, Grandsire & Stedman.
1 John Wilkey
2 Alfred York
3 James Mawditt (C)
4 William Dowling
5 William Thomas
6 William Stadden
(From tablets in the Belfry, reported in Church Bells, May 19, 1877, p291.)
Be it remembered, that on Monday, the 24th of November, 1862, the Ring of musical Bells lately augmented to six by the addition of a new-Treble to the Memory of Prince Albert, was inaugurated by a solemn service at the Church; and opened, in a masterly style, by a band of Ringers from Bristol, as above.
Weight of Tenor, A flat, 11 cwt.
Assisted and attested by Mr. H. Boswell, of the Cumberland Society, London.
Peals before the Service: — Two six scores of Grandsire Doubles, two courses of Kent Treble Bob, two six scores of Stedman’s Minor.
Peals after the Service: — 720 Kent Treble Bob Minor, two six scores of Stedman’s, three six scores of Grandsire Doubles, 720 Grandsire Minor, one six score of Grandsire Doubles.
These are the first peals of scientific Changes ever rung in this part of the County.
Laus Deo [Praise Be to God.]
H. T. Ellacombe, M.A., Rector.
William Hellier & Thomas Warren, Churchwardens
[These performances have been linked to the In Memoriam performances for Rev H T Ellacombe.]

This performance was rung in memoriam In memoriam — Rev. Henry Thomas Ellacombe (1790 - 1885) .