St Mary the Blessed Virgin
Monday, 17 August 1885 (16–3–20 in E♭)
A muffled "peal".
On Monday, the 17th inst., a muffled peal was rung in memory of the Rev. H. T. Ellacombe.
We have much pleasure in giving the following particulars respecting the bells of St. Mary’s Church, Eastry, Kent:—
Treble. — ‘Robert Mot made me, 1584.’ 7 cwt. (Flourished in London from 1570 to 1603, and died in Whitechapel.)
Second. — ‘Johannes Clarke Hane fecit Gampanam, 1609. William Idley and Thomas Whitfylde, Church Wardens.’ 8 cwt. (Chertsey Pounder. Lettering similar to the Eldridges of Chertsey.)
Third. — ‘Henry Wilnar made me, 1629.’ 10 ½ cwt, (Kentish Founder. Foundry at Borden, near Feversham, 1600 to 1670. Father and Son.)
Fourth. — ‘Mr. Thos. Rammell, Ch: Warden. Richard Phelps made me, 1734.’ 14 cwt. (Belonged to Whitehall Foundry: died in 1738.)
Fifth. — ‘Thomas Kite, Wm. Filpott, Ch: Wardens. Robert Catlin fecit, 1740.’ 18 to 20 cwt. E flat. (Reading Foundry.)
[Church Bells, August 21, 1885, p904.]

This performance was rung in memoriam In memoriam — Rev. Henry Thomas Ellacombe (1790 - 1885) .