Trio of the Month

This pathway was active from 1 January 2023 until 31 December 2023.

Our Trios are practice ideas to help with handling, striking, learning plain hunt and moving towards method ringing.

Most of our Trio of the Month ideas are taken from our new Little Green Ringing Book, which contains ideas and tips for exercises and methods up to Plain Bob and Grandsire.

Try an exercise for a few weeks – it often takes several tries to get comfortable with the ‘rules’ and start to see the benefit.

Many of these ideas have been constructed or popularised by the Whiting Society or the Association for Ringing Teachers. Both of their websites are likely to have more resources and publications that will help you, whatever you’re trying to do. And don’t forget to buy your copy of the Little Green Ringing Book (in pocket, bookshelf or extra-large size) from the Ringing World shop.

  1. (a) Whole Pull and Stand, or
    (b) Melancholy, or
    (c) Baldrick Doubles
  2. (a) Switcheroo, or
    (b) Jump call changes, or
    (c) Bastow Little Bob Doubles
  3. (a) Call changes the other way, or
    (b) Huntingfield, or
    (c) Badbury Minimus
  4. (a) BiCLiC (Big Change, Little Change), or
    (b) More cover bells, or
    (c) Treble Bob Hunt
  5. (a) The Setting Streak Challenge, or
    (b) Bastow Minor, or
    (c) Plain Bob Doubles

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