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Sunday, 8 January 2006Newport (Cathedral Church of St Woolos), Newport1278 Grandsire Caters
Friday, 6 January 2006Newport (Cathedral Church of St Woolos), Newport1260 Stedman Triples
Sunday, 26 August 1984Leatherhead (St Mary and St Nicholas), Surrey1259 Grandsire Caters
Wednesday, 22 May 1985Stanford on Soar (St John the Baptist), Nottinghamshire1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Tuesday, 23 April 2024Barton Stacey (All Saints), Hampshire1260 St George and The Dragon Doubles
Monday, 25 August 1980Guildford (St Nicolas), Surrey5007 Stedman Caters
Saturday, 25 May 1985Withington (St Michael), Gloucestershire1272 Norwich Surprise Minor
Wednesday, 11 June 1980Gresford (Dunholme, Pant Lane), Clwyd5056 Plain Bob Major
Saturday, 7 September 1985Oaks in Charnwood (St James Greater), Leicestershire1260 Grandsire Triples
Monday, 26 May 2003Claremont (Christ Church), Western Australia5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Sunday, 28 September 1986Leatherhead (SS Mary and Nicholas), Surrey1259 Grandsire Caters
Tuesday, 23 April 2024York (1a Hopgrove Lane North), North Yorkshire1296 Surfleet Surprise Minor
Tuesday, 30 December 1986Loughborough (Bell Foundry Tower), Leicestershire1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Tuesday, 19 June 1979Welshpool (St Mary), Powys5056 Plain Bob Major
Thursday, 2 July 1987Thurmaston (St Michael and All Angels), Leicestershire1260 Plain Bob Minor
Sunday, 8 October 1989Oaks in Charnwood (St James Greater), Leicestershire1260 Grandsire Triples
Sunday, 6 May 1979Ellesmere (Ellesmere College), Shropshire5040 Minor (3m)
Wednesday, 1 November 1989Loughborough (Bell Foundry Tower), Leicestershire1260 All Saints Place Doubles
Wednesday, 22 November 1989Oaks in Charnwood (St James Greater), Leicestershire1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Saturday, 10 February 1979Hughenden (St Michael and All Angels), Buckinghamshire5024 Rutland Surprise Major
Monday, 22 April 2024Maperton (St Peter and St Paul), Somerset1260 Grandsire Doubles
Thursday, 25 January 1979Forden (Kingswood), Powys5040 Kent Treble Bob Minor
Saturday, 2 December 1978Shrewsbury (St Chad), Shropshire5016 Plain Bob Maximus
Friday, 24 November 1978Forden (St Michael and All Angels), Powys5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Saturday, 9 September 1978Church Pulverbatch (St Edith), Shropshire5040 Plain Bob Minor
Tuesday, 23 April 2024Wellington (The John David Ring), New Zealand1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Sunday, 21 April 2024Desborough (St Giles), Northamptonshire1269 Plain Bob Doubles
Tuesday, 27 December 1966Coalbrookdale (Holy Trinity), Shropshire5040 Plain Bob Royal
Monday, 26 December 1966Ludlow (St Laurence), Shropshire5040 Plain Bob Major
Monday, 31 December 1888Bedford (St Paul), Bedfordshire1888 Grandsire Triples
Sunday, 30 March 2003Melbourne (45 Blanch Croft), Derbyshire5088 Oxford Treble Bob Major
Saturday, 22 September 1888Clapham (St Thomas of Canterbury), Bedfordshire1888 Doubles (2m)
Saturday, 31 December 1966Bredwardine (St Andrew), Herefordshire5040 Doubles (26m/v)
Saturday, 24 December 1966Madeley (St Michael), Shropshire5040 Doubles (3m/v)
Sunday, 16 February 2003Nottingham (St Peter)1280 Spliced Major (2m)
Sunday, 18 December 1966Clifford (St Mary the Virgin), Herefordshire5040 Doubles (21m/v)
Saturday, 15 February 2003Lenton (Sacred and Undivided Trinity), Nottinghamshire1344 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Thursday, 26 April 1888Bedford (St Paul), Bedfordshire1260 Grandsire Triples
Saturday, 22 March 2003Armitage (St John the Baptist), Staffordshire5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Saturday, 29 March 2003Harborne (St Peter), West Midlands5184 Ullesthorpe Surprise Major
Saturday, 26 May 1973Winkfield (St Mary), Berkshire1440 St Clements College Bob Minor
Thursday, 17 May 1973Hambledon (St Peter and St Paul), Hampshire1260 Doubles (11m/v)
Thursday, 10 May 1973Cheriton (St Michael and All Angels), Hampshire1296 Surprise Minor (2m)
Monday, 22 April 2024Cambridge, MA (MIT), USA1264 Plain Bob Major
Saturday, 27 April 1985Newcastle upon Tyne (St John the Baptist), Tyne and Wear5024 Cambridge Surprise Major
Saturday, 9 February 1985Newcastle upon Tyne (St John the Baptist), Tyne and Wear5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Monday, 22 April 2024Norton Canes (St James), Staffordshire1280 Spliced Surprise Major (9m)
Monday, 22 April 2024Sheffield (Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul), South Yorkshire5040 Swindon Surprise Royal
Monday, 22 April 2024Ringing Room, UK1272 Hull Surprise Minor
Monday, 22 April 2024Birmingham (Cathedral Church of St Philip), West Midlands5088 Roaring Meg Surprise Maximus
Monday, 22 April 2024Almondbury (All Hallows), West Yorkshire1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Saturday, 10 December 1966Bodenham (St Michael and All Angels), Herefordshire5040 Doubles (10m/v)
Monday, 22 April 2024Brighton (St Nicholas), East Sussex90 Grandsire Doubles
Monday, 22 April 2024Whimple (17 Bramley Gardens), Devon5088 Spliced Surprise Major (7m)
Monday, 22 April 2024Phillack (St Felicitas), Cornwall1250 Cassiobury Surprise Major
Monday, 22 April 2024Durham (St Oswald), Durham1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Friday, 17 March 1978Welshpool (St Mary), Powys5090 Cambridge Surprise Major
Wednesday, 17 January 1990Rempstone (All Saints), Nottinghamshire1260 Surprise Minor (2m)
Monday, 22 April 2024Newton Hall (St James, Mowden Hall School), Northumberland1280 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
Tuesday, 21 February 1978Birmingham (St Martin), West Midlands5040 Plain Bob Royal
Wednesday, 10 July 1991Loughborough (All Saints), Leicestershire1260 Stedman Triples
Sunday, 9 February 1992Loughborough (All Saints), Leicestershire1259 Grandsire Triples
Monday, 22 August 1977Wareham (Lady St Mary), Dorset5007 Stedman Caters
Sunday, 21 August 1977Bournemouth (St Peter), Dorset5024 Rutland Surprise Major
Monday, 22 April 2024Lewes (St John the Baptist, Southover), East Sussex1280 Cornwall Surprise Major
Monday, 22 April 2024Cumbernauld (20 Kingshill Avenue)1280 Bristol Surprise Major
Saturday, 23 July 1977Oswestry (St Oswald King and Martyr), Shropshire5040 Stedman Triples
Monday, 22 April 2024Ringing Room, UK & Switzerland1272 York Surprise Minor
Saturday, 5 March 1977Coalbrookdale (Holy Trinity), Shropshire5040 Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
Saturday, 17 July 1993Loughborough (All Saints), Leicestershire1299 Stedman Caters
Sunday, 16 January 1994Loughborough (All Saints), Leicestershire1277 Grandsire Caters
Monday, 22 April 2024Beccles (The Bell Tower), Suffolk1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Sunday, 4 July 2010Birstall (St James the Great), Leicestershire1280 Plain Bob Major
Sunday, 28 August 1994Loughborough (All Saints), Leicestershire1260 Grandsire Triples
Sunday, 15 January 1995Loughborough (All Saints), Leicestershire1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Saturday, 28 February 2009Thurcaston (All Saints), Leicestershire1287 Grandsire Triples
Sunday, 9 April 1995Loughborough (All Saints), Leicestershire1250 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Monday, 22 April 2024Burley (St Matthias), West Yorkshire1300 Plain Bob Doubles
Monday, 22 April 2024Chester (Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary), Cheshire1260 Plain Bob Minor
Sunday, 21 April 2024Edensor (St Peter), Derbyshire1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Monday, 22 April 2024Chandler's Ford (2 Rosemoor Grove), Hampshire1260 Plain Bob Royal
Tuesday, 19 November 1991Rempstone (All Saints), Nottinghamshire1260 Doubles
Wednesday, 4 September 1991Copt Oak (St Peter), Leicestershire1260 Plain Bob Minor
Friday, 11 November 1966Mathon (St John the Baptist), Worcestershire5040 Plain Bob Minor
Tuesday, 1 November 1966Coddington (All Saints), Herefordshire5040 Minor (3m)
Monday, 11 September 1989Overton (St Mary), Hampshire5056 Cornwall Surprise Major
Saturday, 17 June 1989Overton (St Mary), Hampshire5056 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
Thursday, 18 August 1988Overton (St Mary), Hampshire5184 Rutland Surprise Major
Monday, 22 April 2024Combe Raleigh (St Nicholas), Devon120 Plain Hunt Doubles
Saturday, 16 July 1988Overton (St Mary), Hampshire5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
Monday, 22 April 2024Eynsford (St Martin), Kent1312 Lessness Surprise Major
Thursday, 21 April 1988Overton (St Mary), Hampshire5152 Fairfax Delight Major
Tuesday, 3 November 1987Overton (St Mary), Hampshire5152 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
Thursday, 18 June 1987Overton (St Mary), Hampshire5056 Overton Surprise Major
Thursday, 19 June 1986Overton (St Mary), Hampshire5040 Glasgow Little Surprise Major
Monday, 22 April 2024Ringing Room (North Leigh, Oldham, South Walsham & Vancouver (WA)), UK & USA1280 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
Monday, 8 May 1995Loughborough (All Saints), Leicestershire1277 Grandsire Caters
Sunday, 12 November 1995Loughborough (All Saints), Leicestershire1259 Grandsire Caters
Wednesday, 31 July 1991Loughborough (All Saints), Leicestershire1440 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Tuesday, 23 December 1975Royston (St John the Baptist), Hertfordshire5120 Pudsey Surprise Major