Issue 5813 (23/09/2022) contents

Title Author Page
On the Cover - Westminster Abbey State Funeral Ed Bucknall 886
Letters to the Editor 887
Minor Jottings Mary Jones 888
When bells tolled for a King and his Queen From the archives 888
The Muffle Fairies Clare Le Marie 889
CC President’s Blog Simon Linford 889
Couch to 27-Spliced Surprise Major Simon Rudd and Tim Hart 890
Memories of a royal funeral George Unsworth 892
What’s Hot on BellBoard Will Bosworth 892
Peal Reports 893
Quarter Peal Reports 894
Obituary - (Constance) Anne Agg Philip Agg 898
Obituary - Tom Page John Couperthwaite and Martin Turner 898
Notices 900
CCCBR Executive Report Mary Bone 900
Alternative Hobbyist - Needle Felting Brinly Meldon 901
Saving Pembroke’s Bells Mike James 902
Cycling ringer raises more than £800 Martin Sunley 903
Ringing in South Africa for Her Majesty The Queen Richard Roberts 903
Thought for the Week Anthony Ellis 903
The images of the Week - muffled bells Éva Rédei and Edmund Wratten 904

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