5040 Spliced Major (23m)
Composed by Donald F Morrison (no. 8555) "All the spices"
224 each Adelaide Surprise, Belfast Surprise, Bolonium Surprise, Bristol Surprise, Buckfastleigh Surprise, Carolina Reaper Treble Bob, Cat's-Eye Surprise, Chenies Surprise, Cooktown Orchid Delight, Ely Surprise, Frodsham Surprise, Glasgow Surprise, Jorvik Surprise, Kenninghall Surprise, Lancashire Surprise, London Surprise, Malpas Surprise, Mareham Delight, Rook and Gaskill Surprise, Speedball Surprise, Venusium Surprise and Ytterbium Surprise and 112 Double Norwich Court Bob, with 160 changes of method, and all the work of every method for every bell with each lead different.
  2345678  Double Norwich Court Bob
  8674523  London Surprise
  7856342  Speedball Surprise
  3527486  Buckfastleigh Surprise
- 6423857  Cooktown Orchid Delight
- 6435278  Frodsham Surprise
  5748623  Glasgow Surprise
  7852436  Kenninghall Surprise
  4567382  Cat's-Eye Surprise
  3624857  Ely Surprise
  2386745  Lancashire Surprise
- 2364857  Bristol Surprise
  6283745  Bolonium Surprise
  4537286  Rook and Gaskill Surprise
  3425678  Adelaide Surprise
  7856423  Jorvik Surprise
- 8623745  Venusium Surprise
  4537628  Chenies Surprise
  2876534  Belfast Surprise
  7258463  Mareham Delight
  3465872  Malpas Surprise
- 8634257  Ytterbium Surprise
  7253486  Carolina Reaper Treble Bob
Repeat six times.

This composition was rung on Sunday, 10 October 2021 at Yatton.